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How Can We Distinguish the Quality of Baby Wipes?

Baby wipes are very popular now.  Baby wet wipes sensitive are used by many parents because their ingredients are safe and they are lighter and more comfortable than ordinary paper towels.

Baby bath wipes can replace towels to clean your baby's dirty hands and face, and can play a role in moisturizing. Ecological diapers is also a good helper for the baby to have loose bowels and wash the fart. But some inferior wet wipes are not suitable for children to use. So how to identify the quality of baby wipes? Let’s take a look!

Ⅰ. To avoid buying sanitary baby wipes with alcohol

Some adult wipes contain alcohol, which can disinfect. But baby skin wipes should not contain alcohol, otherwise it will bring discomfort to the child's skin, and even it will allergic.

Generally, whether alcohol is contained is marked on the packaging bag.

Ⅱ. To choose sanitary baby wipes without fluorescent agents

Fluorescent agents are chemical dyes that can't be used in baby wipes, which can lead to lower immunity. So good baby wipes can not have fluorescent agent. We should look at the components of the wipes carefully.

When you buy baby wipes, we should choose white ones that are better without any impurities. If the baby wipes fluff, the quality is not good.

Therefore, for the safety of children, you should try a sanitary baby wipes to check the quality.

Ⅲ. To avoid buying baby safe sanitizing wipes with any fragrance

Good baby wipes are usually tasteless. When you buy baby wipes for children, if the baby wipes smell very fragrant, it means there is a problem. It is best not to use them for children, because there are too many flavors in baby wipes, which can easily lead to children's allergy to flavors.

Parents can sniff baby wipes in advance to see if they smell strange before deciding whether to buy them or not.

Ⅳ. To check the instructions of baby safe sanitizing wipes carefully

We should choose a formal manufacturer of baby safe sanitizing wipes with detailed factory address, service phone number, health standards, enterprise standards and relevant health department record number, etc., pay attention to see if there is ISO certification.

Baby wipes should be made from Spunlaced nonwovens (also known as nonwoven fabric). The higher the viscose content of baby wipes, the softer and more absorbent the wipes will be.

We should pay attention to the quality of sanitary baby wipes, after all, they are for babies.

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