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Frequently Asked Questions About KN95 Mask

1. Can the KN95 mask prevent influenza?

The KN95 mask can be used to prevent influenza. In most cases, influenza is transmitted through respiratory droplets and the KN95 mask can effectively filter droplets containing the influenza virus in the air. Therefore, it is effective in preventing influenza.

However, the KN95 mask cannot completely prevent the spread of influenza. Influenza virus can also be spread through direct contact, so it is especially important to follow good personal hygiene and wash hands frequently.

In addition, indoor ventilation is important. In general, you should ventilate the indoor air for half an hour twice a day, which is helpful for preventing influenza.

2. Does the KN95 mask have an expiration date? How long is the expiration date?

The unopened KN95 mask will expire within three years.

Within the expiration date, the KN95 mask can be stored in a clean ziplock bag or plastic bag. You should tie the pocket tightly store it in a cool and dry place so that the KN95 mask will not be contaminated with dust.

The KN95 mask that was stored for more than 2 years cannot be used and the disposable mask cannot be reused. Otherwise, it will greatly reduce the use effect.

3. Does the KN95 mask have a waterproof layer?

The KN95 mask has a waterproof layer. It is suitable for liquid or non-oily particles that do not produce harmful volatile gases due to spraying. Only the KN95 mask with a waterproof layer can prevent liquid caused by spraying.

The KN95 mask can also help reduce exposure to some inhalable particles (such as mildew, bacillus anthracis and mycobacterium tuberculosis). However, it cannot completely block these germs and cannot eliminate the risk of infection, illness or death.

4. Is the KN95 mask divided into industrial and medical?

The KN95 mask is not divided into industrial and medical. However, there will be differences in the form of wearing, and the use occasions are also different. The KN95 mask is only a filtration standard, which means that it can filter more than 95% of particles with a size of 0.3 μm. The "K" means that it is produced according to Chinese standards and reaches a level of N95. The difference is mainly the test (inspection) methods.

5. Can the KN95 mask prevent formaldehyde?

Are you curious about formaldehyde? Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a strong pungent smell, and it is a toxic chemical. Therefore, can the KN95 mask prevent formaldehyde?

The KN95 mask cannot prevent formaldehyde. However, we can accelerate the release of formaldehyde in a high-temperature environment. We can increase the indoor temperature, and open all windows for ventilation until the temperature drops. Formaldehyde can be effectively removed if we repeat the step several times.

Activated carbon can greatly contact the surrounding air and passively adsorb some pollutants into its pores. Therefore, it is widely used to remove indoor formaldehyde.

However, the KN95 mask can prevent droplets, smog and so on.

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