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Does Parents Need to Change the Type of Baby Diapers Due to the Coming of Autumn?

A wave of cold air has brought autumn to many areas overnight. It is getting cooler and skin becomes dry.

When the seasons change, people will begin to buy many things, and prepare moisturizing products, autumn and winter clothes. Is it necessary to change baby diapers when season changes? What should we adjust for baby diapers in autumn?

Ⅰ. Choose baby diapers of moderate thickness

In the summer, when you want to buy newborn nappies, we might think thinner is better, and thinner is more breathable. In fact, the air permeability of baby diapers is not only related to thickness, but also related to the material of organic nappies newborn.

In autumn and winter, we should choose breathable and baby diapers of moderate thickness for our babies according to the characteristics of baby skin and autumn climate.

The replacement frequency of baby diapers in autumn is not as high as that in summer, so mothers should not only consider the lightweight breathability, absorption performance of baby diapers should be taken into account when buying baby diapers in bulk.

Ⅱ. Choose baby diapers with a soft cotton surface

When mothers choose baby diapers, the key points always fall on the three words including dry, breathable and large absorption. However, the surface layer of natural disposable nappies is very important.

The surface layer of baby diapers contact the baby's skin directly. Soft sustainable disposable diapers can give the baby a better experience.

Therefore, when you buy newborn nappies for your baby in the autumn and winter, you can pay more attention to the surface material. It will be better to choose soft cotton or pure cotton surface material for baby diapers!

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